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Your completely outsourced, end-to-end claims management solution.


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Achieving better results across your
four success quadrants.


Industry-leading claims handling costs, with spend measurement and management across the entire indemnity spend, including 4 levels of downward pressure.


Structured QA program and scorecarding of all repair work, including trade allocation based on past performance results and customer anytime feedback.


Up to 37% reduction in property repair lifecycles from the point of approval for $0-$25k, with our technology solution automating most manual claim handling processes.


Policyholders are kept up to date on the progress of their claims with proactive communication via web, SMS or phone in real time.

End-to-end Property Repair Claim Management

We have taken the best of all available models to bring together specialist Insurance, Claims Management and Building knowledge, underpinned by industry-leading procurement and collaboration technology. The result is an all-encompassing, flexible, transparent and scalable model which reduces claims cost and lifecycles, resulting in happier intermediaries and ultimately customers. Our services include:

  • First Notification of Loss
  • Emergency Mitigation
  • Restoration
  • Assessment
  • Trade Panel Management
  • Repair Fulfilment
  • Contents
  • Quality Audits
  • Customer Survey

Claim Central has managed 41 catastrophes and over 136,000 BAU & CAT claims in the past eight years.

Australia’s first Centralised Claims Hub for Property and Motor Repairs

Claim Services

We have developed the most innovative, fully integrated claims management offering in Australia for both motor and property – ensuring reduced claim costs, shorter claim lifecycles and better quality outcomes for your policyholders.

Insurance Technology

Our disruptive, industry-leading technologies create claims ecosystems that help you increase your operating profit, reduce operational costs and enable infinite scalability.

Data Insights & Analytics

Gain access to new and never-before-seen data insights that will help you shape your claims management processes for years to come across both Catastrophe and BAU claims.

A new model of claims management

The Claim Central model was formed as a result of constant feedback from insurers and brokers requiring building, assessing and adjusting skills in one package.

Our priority is to get your customers’ lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

End to end motor claims management solution

Our world-leading technology and first class claims services offer substantial benefits for Insurers, Fleet Managers, Insureds, Brokers and Smash Repairers.

  • Predictable lower average repair cost outcomes

  • Predictable lower average repair lifecycles

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction

  • Customised claims management dashboards

  • Smart assessing

  • Tightly monitored repairer network

  • Real-time 24/7 reporting

The future of motor vehicle claims assessing, bringing predictability to the vehicle repair process.

What else do we offer?

CAT Management
& Preparedness

Claim Central’s claims management platform creates disaster response plans based on the type of event, its location, lifecycle requirements and budget. We tailor each module to a particular client prior to any event. Additionally, our trades and supplier panels are trained exclusively for catastrophe capacity management, eliminating cost leakage and reducing claim lifecycles during a catastrophe.

& Training

Claim Central provides a flexible, adaptable on-site training program for your business to reduce claim leakage, and eliminate redundant processes. We collaborate with your business to find intelligent solutions and improve your policy retention rate. We also offer the option for embedded personnel on-site to improve your claims management processes.

Our world-first claim management processes and technology add real business value to our clients.

Embedded technology that sets us apart

Claim Central is underpinned by our multi-award winning claims management technology – an end-to-end platform that provides total claim handling and supply chain management transparency, reporting, cost control and analysis for insurers and brokers. It is the first platform of its kind in the insurance industry and ensures we can do what others in the industry cannot match.


Provide our clients’ claim staff with their own interactive Claim Management Application to view, monitor, communicate and report on how their policyholders’ claims are being managed


Provide live performance scorecard summaries across the complete claim cycle including contents, property, commercial and assessing


Performance manage national supply and trade networks using purpose built trade partner repair management technologies, to improve quality and service


Provide policyholders with their own unique Claim Tracker Application where they can log in and view the progress and next steps of their claim in real time


Provide a real time claim performance business intelligence dashboard


Total independence and transparency in the claims handling process due to strict scorecarding and performance measurement analytics


Provide total supply chain management & optimisation solutions using our panel management technology platforms


Provide automated communication to all key stakeholders in a claim via SMS and email


Four levels of downward pressure on cost before repairs commence with competitive tendering at the trade level

Consistent, Predictable Outcomes

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