Claims Made Easy

We make insurance claims easier for insurers and policyholders
by providing claims management services, claims technology
and real-time data insights.

Our Centralised Claims Hub: 3 pillars that create a better policyholder experience

Data & Analytics

Claims data that drives better claims outcomes.

Outsourced claims management services for happier policyholders.

Digital technology that reduces claim lifecycles by 60%.


Pioneering property repair and restoration services that get policyholders’ lives back to normal asap.


Innovative smart assessing methodologies and technology that get policyholders back on the road faster.


Transforming how cyber claims are managed by reducing business downtime when inevitable breaches occur.

  • Reduce your average
    claim costs

    Innovative tendering and procurement drives four levels of downward cost pressure on every single claim.

  • Improve the quality
    of claim outcomes

    Tighter quality assurance and greater transparency using our digital technologies.

  • Reduce your average
    claim lifecycles

    Smarter claim management processes backed by industry-leading technology.

  • Provide a better policyholder

    Proactive communication at every step of the claim, plus a faster and better quality outcome.

  • Increase policyholder

    A better claim experience reduces the likelihood of losing policyholders to competitors once their claim is completed.

  • Scale your claims
    management easily

    An outsourced claims management solution backed by innovative technology that allows for unprecedented scalability.

10/10. Extremely good service. Claim Central’s trades were reliable, punctual, polite and completed a perfect job.

Real Insurance

9/10. This is the first major disaster we have experienced in the last 70 years. We were amazed by the professionalism and dedication of your staff's team in assessing and processing our claim and following up our needs at every point. We will be highly recommending your company to our network of friends and families, and pray that they will never experience such a devastating event like us.

Real Insurance

10/10. Extremely good service. From consistent communication to securing my property and getting repairs started, everything has been fast and efficient. Overall, the guys have been fantastic.

Real Insurance

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