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Cyber claims

Breaches happen. Are you ready?

The impacts of cyber crime are growing in scale and complexity. To ensure your business is protected from a potential cyber security breach, a centralised response framework is crucial.

Claim Central: one solution for cyber claims



Cyber claim services: the cyber assist team

Cyber Assist is our cyber incident expert team that manages all cyber incidents from notification, to resolution, to closure.



Our cyber claims solution assists our partners with a simple claims triage process, crisis and reputation management, system and data analysis and restoration, and third party claims including:

  • Investigation
    • How and when the compromise occurred
    • What systems and data are impacted  
    • Who is responsible for the compromise
  • Forensic activities
    • Identify, collect and preserve evidence
    • Perform forensic analysis and data analysis
    • Develop and understand fact patterns
  • Damage assessment and containment
  • Remediation
  • Eradication
  • Crisis management

Cyber claim technology: ClaimLogik

ClaimLogik connects all the stakeholders involved in a claim:



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