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Motor claims: assess & repair

We have revolutionised the way motor vehicle claims are managed

Through our subsidiary company Hello Claims, our innovative digital claims management platform and smart assessing methodology enable fleet managers, insurers and claims managers to achieve faster and easier automated claims, and a better customer experience.

We manage and repair claims for all types of vehicles:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Heavy vehicles and trucks
  • Caravan and trailers
  • Motorbikes
  • Heaving machinery
  • Farm machinery

How we are revolutionising motor claims

Hello Claims is revolutionising the way motor claims are managed, through:

  • Smart assessing, which enables predictable repair costs and a predictable lifecycle, while your customers are updated when their vehicle moves from one stage of repair to another
  • Customised claims management dashboards
  • Customers can nominate their repairer
  • Real-time continuous reporting
  • Monitored repairer network – we manage and coach more than 100 repair shops nationally
  • 24/7 client care and accident assist – after hour claims notification made simple owing – when your customers need it, 24/7
  • Towing – when your customers need it, 24/7

Our solutions enable significant game-changing results for your business including:

  • Reduced claim costs
  • Improved quality of claims handling and day-to-day operations
  • Reduced claim lifecycles
  • Better customer claim experiences
To learn more about Hello Claims and how it can improve your motor claim outcomes, visit

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